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Foreign language editions of Feynman books -- all are brand new (except where noted), but some have a bit of wear from storage and moving over the years.  If you have any concerns, please email before ordering.  Many of these books have been signed by Ralph Leighton, whose basement they lived in until coming to the Tuva Trader for you to buy.

All softcover books are $10, hardcovers are $12, and signed copies are $5 extra.


Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman

   Czech (old printing) hardcover

   Czech (new printing) hardcover

   Chinese (simplified) softcover

   Finnish, softcover

   French (signed) softcover

   German (signed) softcover

   Greek (signed) softcover

   Polish (signed) softcover

   Portuguese (signed) softcover

What Do You Care What Other People Think

   English (large printing) hardcover

   Dutch (signed) softcover

   German (signed) hardcover

   Italian (signed) hardcover

QED: The Strange Theory of Light & Matter

   German, hardcover

   Italian (signed) softcover

   Portuguese (signed) softcover

   Russian, softcover

   Japanese, softcover

Quantum Mechanics & Path Integrals

   Russian, hardcover (gently used)

Statistical Mechanics

   Russian, hardcover (gently used)

The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Volume 3

   Slovak, hardcover (gently used)

Feynman's Lost Lecture

   German, hardcover

The Character of Physical Law

   French (old printing) softcover

   French (new printing) softcover

   German, hardcover

   Portuguese, softcover