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Journey to Tuva Summer 2008

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Khoomei, Shamanism and Nature, a fourteen day cultural and ecological Journey in Tuva!
July 23rd to August 6th


Join Tuva Trader Director Devan Miller on a fourteen day Tour in Tuva.

2008 tour will be limited to 10 participants! We are now more than half full so please register soon!

all photo's © devan miller 2003


Dungur Shaman with ritual fire at the grounds of the Tuvan National Museum in Kyzyl at the start of the Shamanic Symposium 2003.

Aldyn-ool Sevek in his grand prix performance 

at Khoomei Symposium 2003 with the legendary

instrument Cha-khomus!


Tuva Tour 2008, Updated March 01, 2008

This years Tuva Tour begins with an orientation of Kyzyl and Tuva starting at the Center of Asia monument along the banks of the great Yenisey River. Our introduction to Kyzyl and Tuva continues to build toward our participation in the International Khoomei Symposium with a number of cultural and educational activities such as visiting the Tuvan National Museum and other sites of interests around Kyzyl. We will meet with cultural dignitaries and scholars such as Valentina Suzukei at the Humanitarian Research Center and Mongush Kenin-Lopsan, the "living treasure" of Shamanism. We will refresh ourselves at a sacred-salubrious spring near Kyzyl and visit various shamanic clinics in Kyzyl to become acquainted with local Tuvan shamans. Later we will visit the Tuvan National Orchestra and be introduced to throat-singers participating in the Khoomei Symposium and Competition.

The heart of this year’s journey will revolve around the two most exciting and important cultural events which take place only every 3-5 years in Tuva; the Khoomei Symposium and Shamanic Symposium. Our tour group will participate in all aspects of the Symposiums activities which include, parade, official meetings and honors, ethno-musicological conferences, concerts, competitions, dances and journey's to beautiful locations in and around Kyzyl and western Tuva.

After the Khoomei Symposium and Festivities we will take a three day Journey to the beautiful far western region of Tuva known as Bai-Taiga. Where we will meet and camp with nomadic peoples of Tuva and visit sacred lakes, rivers and hike in mountains and steppe.

When we return to Kyzyl, refreshed from the beauty of the Tuvan land we will join Shamans at the oldest of the shamanic centers; Dungur to begin with them the events of the Shamanic Symposium, after several days of cultural and scientific events we will accompany the shamans to the site of a sacred spring and camp for one or two more nights before returning to Kyzyl for a last day of activities.

On the fourteenth day participants can either depart Kyzyl or stay on in Tuva to extend their trip.


Please note:

The above dates are more or less set now but they could be adjusted by up to three days earlier, I will of course let you know ASAP if that happens.

Please check with us before confirming any related travel arrangements.

This event summary is intentionally loosely planned at this time and it will change and become more specific as information is gathered from our organizers in Tuva and from this years participants about their particular interests. A more detailed itinerary will be provided for registered participants as we get closer to our departure.

We aim for a meaningful experience connecting with the Tuvan people and their cultural, spiritual and ecological ways of life through a well planned, customized and flexible tour itinerary. Tour is limited to 10 Participants.


“You really did a wonderful job with our tour and I will always be extremely grateful to you for making it possible for us to go to Tuva. Please accept our warm blessings.” 

Anna Kjellin and Bengt Wickman, from Sweden, 2007 Tuva Tour


Read travel testimony from 2007 Tour Traveler Michael Crofoot


Prices for Tuva Tour 2008

(1 person) $3,000  ∙ (2 or more people) $2,900 each


Prices cover all planned travel, accommodation, food, group cultural programs and related expenses while in Tuva for two weeks.

Prices do not cover Visa and Travel costs to Tuva, special food purchases, additional translation services or other special purchases or services.


I will gladly provide assistance as needed with any of your questions about obtaining Visa’s, and making travel plans. This process should be started about 8 weeks before departure.

  Questions? Read the FAQ guide here


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