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Tyva Kyzy (Daughters of Tuva)



We are now booking US concerts for Tyva Kyzy

October and November 2008


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Journey to Tuva this Summer!



Join Tuva Trader Director Devan Miller on a fourteen day Tour in Tuva Centering on the live world music festival


This year’s tour will be limited to 5 participants! Only one place left!




Tuva Tour 2007 Update

The dates for the Ustuu-Khuree Music Festival are July 25th-29th so the Tuva trip will begin in the second half of July. The departure date for the groups US flights to Moscow should be July 18th or 19th (unless you want more time in Moscow or Kyzyl before we officially start) and the arrival date in Kyzyl should be on July 20th or 21st.

I will gladly provide assistance as needed with your questions about obtaining Visa’s, invitations and making travel plans. This process should be started about 6-8 weeks before departure. Official Tour dates in Tuva are expected to be July 21st through August 3rd but may change by one or two days, you are also welcome to arrange to stay longer or arrive earlier.


 Prices of Tuva Tour 2007

(1 person) $2,900

(2 person) $5,600

(5 group) 14,300

Prices cover all planned travel, accommodation, food, group cultural programs and related expenses while in Tuva for two weeks.

Price does not cover Visa and Travel costs to Tuva or special food purchases.


Tour begins and ends in Kyzyl and runs July 21st though August 3rd 2007 and is Limited to 5 participants

Start Registration Here .PDF

More information here .PDF


Can't join us this year? Please register early for our 2008 Tour in Tuva.... it is already filling up. To be announced in September 2007.


For Concert Booking and Tours in Tuva please contact:

Devan Miller

Director, Tuva Trader

North American Manager, Tyva Kyzy


Tuva Trader, P.O. Box 515, Port Angeles, WA 98362

Phone: (360) 477-5445
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