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Mongolian Music, Dance, and Oral Narrative


By Carole Pegg

This book celebrates the power of music, dance, and oral narrative to create identities by imaginatively connecting performers and audiences with ethnic and political groupings, global and sacred landscapes, histories and heroes, spirits and gods.

Three distinct cultural eras of Mongolian society are represented. Many Mongols are now performing publicly the diverse traditions of Old Mongolia that they practiced in private following the communist revolution of 1921; some are perpetuating the Soviet transformations of those traditions introduced prior to 1990; and yet others are dipping their curly-toed boots into new performance arts as they revel in musical encounters on the global stage. By highlighting the sheer variety of repertories, this book illustrates the rich diversity of Mongolia's peoples and
performance arts.

An accompanying compact disc contains musical examples linked to the text.

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New Book!

Where Rivers And Mountains Sing:
Sound, Music, And Nomadism in Tuva And Beyond

By Theodore Levin

Where Rivers and Mountains Sing takes readers on a journey through the rich sonic world of inner Asia, where the elemental energies of wind, water, and echo, the ubiquitous presence of birds and animals, and the legendary feats of heroes have inspired a remarkable art and technology of sound-making among nomadic pastoralists. For inner Asian pastoralists, sound and music form part of a spiritual relationship with the natural environment that has endured in the face of formidable social and political challenges. As performers from Tuva and other parts of inner Asia have responded to the growing worldwide popularity of their music, Levin follows them to the West, describing their soul-searching efforts to nourish global connections while preserving the power and poignancy of their music tradition.

Includes a combination video DVD and music CD to acquaint readers with the musicians and their music. This book/DVD/CD is not to be missed! It is one of the most interesting works to come out about Tuva and throat-singing in many years.

Featuring Huun-Huur-Tu   Jump to their CD's

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Tuva or Bust!

Signed copy!

by Ralph Leighton, is a book about the author and his friend Richard Feynman's attempt to travel to Tuva.

More info., reviews and sound clips from this book at the Friends of Tuva

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The Blue Sky

Tschinag, whose name in his native Tuvan language is Irgit Shynykbai-oglu Dshurukuwaa, was born in the early forties in Mongolia. From 1962 until 1966 he studied at the University of Leipzig, where he adopted German as his written language. Under an oppressive Communist regime he became a singer, storyteller, and poet in the ancient Tuvan tradition. As chief of all Tuvans, Tschinag led his people, scattered under Communist rule, back in a huge caravan to their original home in the High Altai mountains. Tschinag is the author of more than a dozen books, and his work has been translated into many languages.  He lives alternately in the Altai, Ulaanbaatar, and Europe.

A wonderful novel! Sample Galsan's poetry here!


English - Tuvan Phrasebook

by Aldynai Seden-Khuurak. This is a very useful 2003 publication with 176 pages. It contains phrases in English and Tuvan with a transliteration to help you read the Tuvan Text.

Sections include: Meeting, Around Town, At Somebody's Home, Education, Art, Religion, Traveling, Recreation, Hunting, Agriculture, Sports and Appendix

Plus: Everyday words and expressions; questions; adjectives; verbs; colors; numerals; Time; days, months and years; administrative districts of Tuva; bibliography, a map of Tuva and a useful Bibliography and Foreword with Acknowledgements!  CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE PAGE


Journey to Tuva, by Otto Manchen-Helfen.  An entertaining and informative account of the lost land of Tuva as it was depicted on those wonderful postage stamps from the 1920s and 30s -- replete with shamans, lamas, reindeer herders, hunters, and enthusiastic viewers of a film for the first time, in 1929.

Lovingly translated from the original German by Alan Leighton, and researched with hundreds of illuminating footnotes that were not part of Manchen-Helfen's original manuscript. 264 pages, with a fold-out historical map created especially for this book.

A sample of the prose: "The showing [of the film] had long since ended, but still they stood together, laughing and chatting. At the cashier, one man just had to buy the horse that 'the man with the golden tooth' had ridden in the film. Finally, one by one, they mounted their horses and rode home past the electrical power station and the post office, back to their yurts, back to the steppes through which the dark tones of the shaman's drum were already calling the spirits from every quarter."


A Grammar of Tuvan, Gregory D.S. Anderson and K. David Harrison. This grammar represents the first in-depth, technical description of the Tuvan (also Tyvan, Tuvinian) language written in English and based on data collected directly from speakers of the language. Materials were collected by the authors in 1996 through 2002 in the Republic of Tuva, Russian Federation, and among the Tuvan diaspora of Western Mongolia. In addition to thorough technical explanations of complex grammatical structures, (e.g. vowel harmony, noun suffixes, pronouns, discourse structures) this book includes scores of annotated sentences, several annotated literary texts, a brief history of Tuvan linguistic studies, a collection of sound symbolic terms, and an overview of dialect differences (including the characteristic Russian-influenced dialect spoken in the capital city of Kyzyl). 130 pages, softbound.


Let's Learn Tuvan! by Kaadyr-ool A. Bicheldei. Twenty chapters of instruction with a CD. Includes vocabulary, phrases, and grammar spoken by native Tuvans. A good course for linguaphiles.

Table of Contents:


Tuvan Manual by John Krueger.  This book presents a guide to Tuvan culture and people, Tuvan grammar and glossary, a "Tuvan Reader" to practice your new language skills with, and an annotated bibliography of books on or about Tuva.  This book was written in 1977 -- so it doesn't include any information which has come to light since then -- but serves as an essential part of any library on Tuva and the Tuvinian people.

Table of Contents:

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Genghis Blues Transcript.  Complete (and unedited) transcript for the movie, in English, Russian and Tuvan.  Perfect for students of language and anyone interested in this great movie.  The transcript is presented with each language in a column so you can see a person's dialog in all three languages at once.  55 pages.

You won't find a better way to practice learning Tuvan than with this book!


NEW Edition - Overtone Singing, by Mark C. van Tongeren.  Contains a full-length music CD and a forward by Tran Quang Hai.  Mark van Tongeren, singer, collector of field recordings and ethnomusicologist, provides a fascinating insight into the timeless and universal aspects of sound and vibration. Grounded in a decade long study of Asian music he draws upon various fieldwork experiences, interviews with eastern and western musicians in addition to the work of numerous scholars. In this well documented book you can find, for the very first time, everything concerning overtone singing in the West, from Karlheinz Stockhausen's contemporary music to Jill Purce's healing voice; from electro-acoustic to World and other fusioned music; from renowned western performers such as Michael Vetter and David Hykes to great masters of overtone singing from Tuva, Mongolia and other parts of the world; and from the Pythagorean harmonic system to Om chanting and New Age mantras. This book does justice to this multitude of cultural traditions and to the countless personalities that have contributed to the development of this way of singing. It has interesting and useful things to teach to everyone who is intrigued by the mysteries of sound and music. Written in a non technical style, this book and accompanying CD is an indispensable guide to all musicians and music lovers.

On October 15, 2004, the second revised edition of Overtone Singing was released. Besides small revisions throughout chapters One to Six, a thorough revision of Chapter Seven (Quintessence) marks the new ending of the first comprehensive treatment of this ancient singing technique. The book ships with a 33 track CD.

The music CD contains a survey of different techniques of overtone singing in East and West and forms a complete anthology of Turco-Mongol styles of overtone singing. It does not follow the order of discussion in the text but is thematically arranged. It allows the reader to grasp various aspects of vocal harmonics: examples of regional styles (Tuva, Mongolia, Altai, Khakasia, Bashkortostan, South Africa); styles and techniques in the East (Kargyraa, Khoomii, sygyt, chilangyt, ezengileer, khat kargyraa, technical demonstrations by the author; learners; modern forms; paraphony; instruments with harmonics (Jew's harp, fiddle igil).

  See Mark's CD in our Fusica Store.

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Tuvan Melodies.  A collection of sheet music for 1st and 2nd grade children -- 59 songs in all.  Includes beautiful illustrations to accompany the songs.


NEW!!!  HOW TO KHÖÖMEI and Other Overtone Singing Styles

By Jonathan Cope. An instructional book that comes with a 43 track CD. A guide to various styles of "overtone" singing.

"This is a fine little book and is very user friendly. You don’t need to have a Ph.D. in speech pathology or music theory to get good solid information and techniques out of it." -- Jonathan Goldman, author HEALING SOUNDS.

Also check out Jonathan’s website Sound for Health.


Humming Your Way to Happiness :

An Introduction to Tuva and Overtone Singing From Around the World available from Amazon.com
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