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NEW Edition - Overtone Singing, by Mark C. van Tongeren.  Contains a full-length music CD and a forward by Tran Quang Hai.  Mark van Tongeren, singer, collector of field recordings and ethnomusicologist, provides a fascinating insight into the timeless and universal aspects of sound and vibration. Grounded in a decade long study of Asian music he draws upon various fieldwork experiences, interviews with eastern and western musicians in addition to the work of numerous scholars. In this well documented book you can find, for the very first time, everything concerning overtone singing in the West, from Karlheinz Stockhausen's contemporary music to Jill Purce's healing voice; from electro-acoustic to World and other fusioned music; from renowned western performers such as Michael Vetter and David Hykes to great masters of overtone singing from Tuva, Mongolia and other parts of the world; and from the Pythagorean harmonic system to Om chanting and New Age mantras. This book does justice to this multitude of cultural traditions and to the countless personalities that have contributed to the development of this way of singing. It has interesting and useful things to teach to everyone who is intrigued by the mysteries of sound and music. Written in a non technical style, this book and accompanying CD is an indispensable guide to all musicians and music lovers.

On October 15, 2004, the second revised edition of Overtone Singing was released. Besides small revisions throughout chapters One to Six, a thorough revision of Chapter Seven (Quintessence) marks the new ending of the first comprehensive treatment of this ancient singing technique. The book ships with a 33 track CD.

The music CD contains a survey of different techniques of overtone singing in East and West and forms a complete anthology of Turco-Mongol styles of overtone singing. It does not follow the order of discussion in the text but is thematically arranged. It allows the reader to grasp various aspects of vocal harmonics: examples of regional styles (Tuva, Mongolia, Altai, Khakasia, Bashkortostan, South Africa); styles and techniques in the East (Kargyraa, Khoomii, sygyt, chilangyt, ezengileer, khat kargyraa, technical demonstrations by the author; learners; modern forms; paraphony; instruments with harmonics (Jew's harp, fiddle igil).

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Paraphony: Extended Harmonic Techniques, by Mark C. van Tongeren. The author of the book Overtone Singing performs hoomei in his unique way.  The CD retains ambient background noises of the performances, recorded in (somewhat unique) acoustic environments which enhance the power of the throat singing.  Definitely not to be missed!

Track listing:

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Sabjilar: Syr Chome.  "Sabjilar" which means "the messengers" - is a Khakas (Southern Siberia) folk group, performing traditional heroic epics that recall the Khyrgys (Khakas) Khanate from the 6th to the 12th century. They play old nomadic songs from the steppes, hunter's songs from the mountain taiga, and new improvisations on the chatkhan, the national instrument. The repertoire is rich in various styles of throat singing - khay. 

Track listing:

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Gone With the Wind -- Songs of Mongolian Steppes, by Altai-Hangai. Described by Kongar-ool Ondar as a "very strong CD" this Mongolian group presents what they call "whimsical whoopee Mongolian melodies" on this wonderful CD.  Last time we had them in stock they sold out in no time, so don't miss a chance to hear hoomei from south of the border (Tuva's border that is).

Track listing:

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