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The Pleasure of Finding Things Out is fifty minutes of pure Feynman, filmed in 1981 and at last available on home video to delight and inspire anyone who would like to share something of the joys of scientific discovery.  Feynman is a master storyteller, and his tales -- about childhood, Los Alamos, and the Bomb, or how he won a Nobel Prize -- are a vivid and entertaining insight into the mind of a great scientist at work and play.  50 minutes, produced by Christopher Sykes.

The transcript for the video is also available.  This 22 page booklet contains a complete and accurate transcription of the documentary done by Michael Okuda.  

Book also available!

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QED in New ZealandQuantumelectrodynamics (QED) was the subject of "QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter," the popular book by Richard Feynman which was first published by Princeton University Press in 1985.  Feynman makes passing references to the fact that the book is based on a series of general lectures on QED which were first delivered in New Zealand.  Feynman had doubts about the accessibility of the lectures on QED to a general audience, and chose not to initially deliver these lectures at his native Caltech.  Rather he chose remote New Zealand as his testing ground and in the process, gave the New Zealand physics community the dubious honor of being the guinea-pigs for his QED lectures.  At Auckland University, these lectures were delivered in 1979, as the Sir Douglas Robb Lectures.  Although the published version of  "QED - The Strange Theory of Light and Matter" is an excellent self-contained description of the subject, watching an unedited Feynman delivering the lectures reveals his style and enthusiasm for his subject in a way which is impossible in a printed medium.  Direct quotations from the lectures provide fascinating additional insight both into the material of QED itself and into Feynman's character.  Each set contains four VHS video cassettes or DVDs (78, 100, 106, and 93 minutes).  DVD's are back in stock!  View these lectures in streaming video (Courtesy Vega Science Trust)

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Elementary Particles and The Laws of Physics (Dirac Memorial Lecture 1), The Reason for Antiparticles by R.P. Feynman. 

Paul Dirac, one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century, was a professor at the University of Cambridge, England. He held the chair that once was occupied by Isaac Newton. When he died in 1984, his college, St John's College in Cambridge, endowed an annual lecture to be held in Cambridge in his memory. The first of these lectures was given by Richard Feynman and Steven Weinberg. Dirac was perhaps most famous for his prediction of antimatter, and in his lecture Feynman discusses the physical reality underlying Dirac's prediction. A book accompanies this tape which contains the transparencies used in the lecture (in Feynman's own handwriting), and pieces by Lawrence Krauss, John Gribbon, and Ralph Leighton.  The print version of this lecture is available from Cambridge University Press.  See the companion lecture by Steven Weinberg below.  Color, 70 minutes. 

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(Dirac Memorial Lecture 2) This is the video of the lecture Towards the Final Laws of Physics by Steven Weinberg. In his lecture, Weinberg shows how tightly quantum theory and relativity together constrain the laws of Nature, and he speculates now Einstein’s theory of gravitation (1915) will be reconciled with quantum theory.  A book accompanies this tape which contains the transparencies used in the lecture (in Weinberg's own handwriting). 

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Take the World From Another Point of View, The enfant terrible of American physics describes how his sense of continuous wonder, his childlike curiosity about anything and everything, led him inevitably to a life in science. His perseverance and brilliance are made abundantly clear by Feynman's far-ranging and self-deprecating remarks, which repeatedly underscore how the most abstruse insights were, for him, perfectly obvious. Also featuring cosmologist Fred Hoyle and filmed in Yorkshire, England this piece features vintage Feynman (in '70s raunch no less) telling some of his best stories.

Color, 38 minutes, original broadcast date: 02/02/75. Available in DVD or VHS format.

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The Best Mind Since Einstein, a profile of the late Richard Feynman -- atomic bomb pioneer, Nobel prize-winning physicist, acclaimed teacher and all-around eccentric, who helped solve the mystery of the space shuttle Challenger explosion.  NOVA Series.

Original broadcast date: 12/21/93,  ISBN # 1-57807-925-X

Educational use only. Grade level 7+

Features closed captioning.

60 minutes. VHS Format.

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Infinity -- starring Matthew Broderick and Patricia Arquette as Richard and Arline Feynman.  Based on the true life story of Richard Feynman, who, as a young man fell madly in love with a beautiful young woman, Arline Greenbaum.  In 1941, when the US plunged into WWII, Feynman was recruited to work at Los Alamos on the top-secret government project that was to develop the first atomic bomb -- a job he accepted, in part, because it allowed him to resolve the crisis that he and Arline would face alone.  120 minutes, color.  The DVD contains biographies on Feynman, Broderick, and Arquette.

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  Nanotopia: The Future of Microtechnology,

In 1959, noted American physicist Richard Feynman offered a $1000 prize to anyone who could build an electronic motor no larger than half a millimeter on any side. He awarded the prize within eight months. Today, some scientists predict the imminent development of molecular computers the size of specks of dust. This program examines that and other technical possibilities, as it takes viewers on a guided tour of the cutting-edge laboratories of nanotechnology. There, scientists working on similarly astounding projects offer their predictions about future technological developments. Discussions include how nature provides scientific inspiration. Detailed scientific models and sophisticated computer graphics illustrate how these new microtechnologies will work.

A BBC Production. (50 minutes, color), DVD and VHS formats

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