Tuvan Calendar

Shagaa* (Lunar New Year):

2003  February 1  The year of the  Sheep
2004  January 22    Monkey
2005  February 9    Rooster
2006  January 29    Dog
2007  February 18    Pig
2008  February 7    Rat
2009  January 26    Ox
2010  February 14    Tiger
2011  February 3    Rabbit

* Dates for Shagaa are approximate and will be determined by the lamas in Tuvan shortly before it occurs.  We will post the date in black once it is known for certain.

February 21   70th anniversary of Svetlana Kozlova, Tuvan poet, translator and journalist
April 25-26   Children's Dance Competition "Teenager-2003" (Kyzyl)
May   70th anniversary of the newspaper "Tyvanyng anyiaktary" (Tuvan youth)
    Beauty Contest "Pearl of Asia" with Tuvans participating (Moscow)
May 1-3   European Championship in women's wrestling with a Tuvan participating (Riga)
May 6   Tuvan Constitution Day
May 9   Khuresh wrestling cup
May 11   Richard Feynman's Birthday
May 31   World Championship in sumo with Tuvans participating (Moscow)
June   International Khoomei Symposium (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011)
    10th anniversary of the Tuvan ministry of youth (sports competitions and concerts)
    Competition of pop-singers "Khovu-Axy-2003"
June 1-5   Music Festival "the Lily of Azas" (Todzha district)
June 6   70th anniversary of Maria Hadahane, scholar, critic and journalist
June 21-22   Competition of bards (guitar singers)
June 25   International Khoomei Symposium (Kyzyl and country districts)
July   International khoomei festival under the name of Gennady Tumat in the Ovur district
    Festivities devoted to 120th anniversary of the 60 Heroes Revolt (Sut-Khol district)  
July 4-10   International music festival "Ustuu Khuree" (www.uncool.ch)  devoted to the restoration of the Buddhist lamasery, ruined in the 1930's in Chadan and 130th anniversary of the town of Chadan
July 6   Birthday of H.H. the XIV Dalai Lama
July 26-27   Youth Festival "Face of the Street" (Kyzyl) August Shamanic seminar devoted to the 10th anniversary of the 1st Internation Symposium
August   Music Festival "Melodies of the Sayan Mountains" (Kyzyl)
August 15   Tuvan Republic Day
    Naadim (Summer Festival)
    The day of the Archeologist
September   80th anniversary of the Tes-Khem district and 230th anniversary of the town of Samagaltai, the ancient Tuvan capital in the Tes-Khem district
    Scientific Conference, devoted to the 120th anniversary of decoding of the Turkish runes, found in Tuva
September 7   Birthday of Sergei Purbu , poet, writer and journalist (1913)
October 11   In 1944 Tuva joined the Soviet Union
November   60th anniversary of the Tuvan dance "Ringing Tenderness"
November 1-2   Children's Music Festival "The Singing Youth" (Kyzyl)
November 27   Birthday of Stepan Saryg-ool, poet, playwright and writer