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From the brothers who brought you the Academy Award nominated film

GENGHIS BLUES, comes the next great adventure...


"An extremely inspiring film that is also hilarious, exciting and heart-wrenching. Not only are the three men unbelievably good willed, they are enjoyable characters filled with lovable quirks and wonderful stories to tell."
-   Christopher Campbell, Cinematical
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Genghis Blues ~ the movie! At once whimsical and profound, Genghis Blues chronicles the journey of blind blues legend Paul Pena as he discovers the ancient art of Tuvan throat singing and participates in the national competition. Belic's brand of freestyle filmmaking brings an infectious energy to this documentary, which is both a powerful, personal portrait of a musician and the story of a unique cultural exchange. Where Pena suffers personal injustice from being black and disabled at home, he experiences overwhelming acceptance, respect, and admiration in Tuva. Belic's playfully earnest camera captures Pena's excitement as he travels through the country, experiencing the drama of competition, witnessing spectacular performances, and astounding audiences with his musical ability. Genghis Blues is a testament to the transformative powers of music. The DVD contains additional footage: an interview with the filmmakers, and concert performance.

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Genghis Blues Live in Concert. Paul "Earthquake" Pena, fresh from his triumphant conquest of Tuva (finishing first in the kargyraa division, and winning the crowd favorite award), charms the audience at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana with Kongar-ool Ondar.  During some of the songs, images of Tuva are shown MTV-style.  63 great minutes. 

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Genghis Blues Transcript.  Complete (and unedited) transcript for the movie, in English, Russian and Tuvan.  Perfect for students of language and anyone interested in this great movie.  The transcript is presented with each language in a column so you can see a person's dialog in all three languages at once.  55 pages.

You won't find a better way to practice learning Tuvan than with this book!


Genghis Blues: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  More than just a record, this is also the story of the journey of Paul Pena, a fine blind American bluesman who learned Tuvan throat singing well enough to win a contest in Tuva. His solo tracks, especially his take on Robert Johnson's "Terraplane Blues," are the real blues deal, but this record truly takes off when Pena and Ondar duet. The blues and the eerie, often-guttural sounds of throat singing make a natural match, one that simply bewitches with the clear overtones and melodies, while the guitar and Tuvan banjo offer simple, but very plaintive, accompaniment.

Track listing:

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New Train.  Paul's unreleased album -- originally recorded in 1973 -- is now available! On it are "Jet Airliner" which was such a big hit for Steve Miller it sustained Paul through the lean years, and "Gonna Move" which has become a favorite of R&B bands. But the best tracks are numbers like "Let's Move and Groove Together," on which Pena makes like Marvin Gaye -- his husky voice working the magic of eros. Or "Cosmic Mirror," which recalls nothing less than Hendrix's "Machine Gun," testifying to Pena's brawny-toned guitar virtuosity. (He also outplays Miller's version of "Jet Airliner" with Clapton-like bends and vibrato.) If spirituals and country are your bag, Pena captures a seeker's fervor in the title track's freedom prayer and turns "Venutian Lady" into a tripped-out reflection of hippie-era Nashville. 

Track listing:

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How to Hoomei.  Learn hoomei, sygyt, and kargyraa with award-winning throatsinger and star of Genghis Blues, Paul "Earthquake" Pena.  Originally released in 1993 on audio tape, this informally recorded material has been transferred to CD and re-released in 2002.  Paul discusses the techniques necessary to perform each of the styles discussed along with some harmonic theory.  63 wonderful minutes of instruction. 


Postcards for the award winning film, Genghis Blues. 

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Official poster for the award-winning film Genghis Blues. 25.5 x 39 inches. 

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Nose flutes.  You saw them in the movie, now have one for yourself!  The nose flute is fun to play with -- by pressing it against your nose and mouth and adjusting the size and shape of your open mouth, you can create various pitches. Each nose flute is packaged in a little plastic bag with instructions.