Kosher Mezuzah Scrolls

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All of our mezuzah scrolls are written by a sofer (scribe) certified by the Vaad Mishmereth STaM and of the highest quality.  Each mezuzah will be wrapped with the seal of the sofer on the wrapper and carefully certified (checked by both computer scanning and human experts) to be in complete adherence to halacha, Jewish Law.  The mezuzah is 12cm, the ideal size recommended.  Smaller mezuzah will tend to lose their adherence to halacha over time, while a 12cm mezuzah generally has a life expectancy of about 20 years.

Here is a sample mezuzah (the name of G-d has been stricken from the picture but will, of course, appear on the mezuzah):

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Here is a sample of what is offered by many others for the same price.  You can clearly see that we are offering a much more beautiful, well written scroll. 

Many people simply have a photocopy of the mezuzah scroll on their doorpost -- this does not fulfill the mitzvah of the mezuzah!  It is essential to have a quality kosher mezuzah.  It takes about three hours for a certified sofer to write a mezuzah -- which consists of 713 letters, and 4,649 halachos!  It takes a great deal of training to become a certified sofer and understand all of the laws necessary to be in compliance.  Even the slightest flaw in the writing can render a mezuzah invalid.

The mezuzah will be sent to you directly by the sofer, Shlomo Silverstone, in Israel.  His calligraphy is beautiful and we are sure that you will be happy with the mezuzah that you receive from him.

There are three types of mezuzah that we sell; if you have any doubt of which kind to buy, check with your Rabbi to find out which kind is traditionally used by your community.  If you want a mezuzah of a different size, please email us.

Each mezuzah costs $60 for registered mail delivery from Israel:

  Ashkenazi, Beit Yosef -- generally used by those following Ashkenazi tradition from Germany, England, Russia, and Lithuania

  Ashkenazi, Ari Zal -- (Nusach S'fard) -- generally used by those following Chassidic S'fard tradition from Poland, Galicia, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia
  Alter Rebbe, Ari Zal -- used only by Chabad chassidim