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This periodic table is unique -- it is informational, educational, and humorous at the same time.  Arranged in the standard Mendeleev layout, this table depicts the elements interacting with each other in many interesting ways.  The jokes are designed to impart useful information within the context of humor.  Ideal for science buffs of all ages -- this is truly the periodic table for the masses. It can be appreciated by children and professionals alike.  Children especially like the table, which draws them in with its funny vignettes.  This poster is based on the original art of Slavomir Koys. 

The poster makes a great promotional item.  Use it to promote your schools chemistry club or as science fair prizes.


17 x 24" poster on 80 lb. glossy paper.  Shipped rolled in a tube.


We currently only have this poster available in English, however it has been translated into Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish and Russian. If you need a translation sheet please include a note with your order and we will email or print it for you at no extra charge.


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