Fees to Funds Program

Turning credit card processing fee's into a source for positive change in the world!


Merchants and Non-profit Organizations:

Learn how you can turn a large percentage of the fees you get charged for credit card processing into money for your favorite non-profit organization!

The Fees to Funds program donates 25% of gross revenue from your credit card processing fees to the non-profit of your choice. If you are a non-profit organization a portion of your fees will go directly back to your organization!


If you would like to learn more about how the Fees to Funds program works and how it can benefit your company and the non-profit organization of your choice please contact us. Scs-International is an authorized representative of the Fees To Funds program; the philanthropic division of All American Merchant Financial Services, Inc.


To begin we provide you with a competitive comparison of your current processing rates and the rates we can offer you with the Fees to Funds program. Our goal is to match or lower your current rates while also putting a portion of your processing fees to work on the philanthropic goals of your company! It's a win-win situation and it's very easy to set-up.


Get started now with a quote for your company or to join our list of suggested non-profit organizations!


Devan Miller, Director, Scs-International

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"As a merchant and an international organization we have first hand experience with the Fee's to Funds program, we know it works! It was easier to set up than we could have imagined, we were up and running in a couple of hours and we are saving money while also benefitting our Favorite non-profit!"

Here's our Fees to Funds Story with the Non-profit Organization ArtSeed                                                                                                                                  


Several years ago I worked with the non-profit organization ArtSeed teaching art with kids in the Bay View/Hunters Point community of San Francisco. I am now living far from the students and the wonderful artists and organizers who keep ArtSeed going by bringing high quality art lessons and exhibitions to distressed communities; but their mission remains close to my heart. I now work full time running The Tuva Trader and Scs-International which keep me pretty busy; running an online store, organizing tours for Tuvan musicians and organizing eco/cultural tours every summer in Tuva.

I love hearing about Artseed's progress and trying to help with their challenges however I can. One thing I found that I could do to help and stay connected with the non-profit I care for is to channel some funds their way while I do business. I have been making donations to ArtSeed annually but I recently stumbled upon a wonderful way to make a portion of my credit card processing fees go to ArtSeed instead of to the Merchant Account company. In the process and to my amazement I also found that I was going to save money too! Fees to Funds actually looked at what I was paying in fees and not only matched them but beat them by a few decimal points.

I was so excited to share this great win-win program with other merchants and non-profits that in doing so I was offered the opportunity to work with Fees to Funds.... which I may just do!

If you're interested in this program please feel free to contact me by phone or email for more information and to hear how easy it is to set this up for your business or non-profit organization from the perspective of someone who has worked on both sides of the field (as a merchant and a non-profit organizer and worker).


Here's more about the non-profit organization that benefits directly from all of our Tuva Trader and Scs-International credit card processing; thanks to the Fees to Funds program!

Please consider supporting ArtSeed's great art programs for distressed communities!

Here's more from ArtSeed.org                            Help Us Grow   

As 2007 comes to a close, ArtSeed's Board of Directors would like to thank you for the incredible contributions that have helped make this such an extraordinary year. Generous donor gifts and countless staff and volunteer hours have given students in Bayview Hunters Point some rare opportunities. Through art they have learned to express themselves with newly acquired skills and have shared their talents with people of other ages and walks of life. These experiences have made an impact on those closest to them - their own family and community.

As you ponder your year-end giving, please keep all of ArtSeed's programs in mind. These include classes at Sherman Elementary and Burnett Child Care Development Center, one-on-one Artist Apprenticeships, and our Fine Arts Intensive Workshops.
  • Sherman Elementary Classroom Arts Integration: Artist Marissa Kunz provides hands-on art lessons to Sherman's 400students. She meets once a week with each homeroom to work on drawing, painting and printmaking projects based on California Content Standards. Curriculum and projects are structured around learning and practicing elements of art (line, shape, form, texture, color, value, space) and principles of art (variety, harmony, contrast, balance, emphasis, movement). Themes include portraits, landscape and still life. She works closely with homeroom teachers to integrate art lessons with subject areas studied in class such as cultural traditions (e.g. Day of the Dead), Science (e.g. Animals and their habitats), Math (e.g. Mandalas and Radial Symmetry), Architectural heritage (e.g. San Francisco Victorians).
  • Burnett Child Care Development Center pre-K:Artist Patricia Diart meets with 40 pre-K students once a week working on skills based on California Content Standards for Pre-K arts focusing on artistic perception and creative expression related to geometric shapes, color, pattern recognition and tactile practice with arts materials. Students are encouraged to explain what they are doing.
  • Burnett After School, Apprenticeships: One-on-one and small group studio apprenticeship sessions with artist Marc Ellen Hamel. Lessons include hands-on practice with painting, drawing, collage, printmaking and some three-dimensional media.
  • Summer Intensive Camps and Seasonal Workshops: These classes combine elementary school aged students, teens, adultsand seniors. Venues have included the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, UCSF Children's Hospital, Bay Area Community Centers and Charterschools outside the Bay Area. We have proposed and piloted Job Site Creativity Fitness Centers and look forward to prospective corporate partnerships. ArtSeed workshops typically involve guest artists, and are project-based. They culminate in an exhibition that often includes artist demonstrations and/or visitor interactive components.

With your support, ArtSeed will continue to bring artists into the lives of young people living in distressed communities. Your gift provides them with resources, outlets and skills with which to express their many creative talents. But most importantly this cultivation gives them an ability to imagine whole new worlds. Thank you again for acting on your continued desire to make a difference. Best wishes for a blissful 2008.

Help Us Grow:

Donate at ArtSeed.org

ArtSeed is a grassroots tax-exempt nonprofit organization with a mission to bring artists into the lives of children in distressed communities. Our Education, Exhibition and Apprenticeship Programs seek to connect and engage individuals from diverse backgrounds who wish to use their talents to inspire academic and professional achievement, self-betterment and an ever-expanding sense of belonging. ArtSeed programs admit participants regardless of any disability, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, political party, and economic, national or ethnic origin.


Contact ArtSeed at: http://www.ArtSeed.org
P.O. Box 29277, San Francisco, California 94129, United States