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We are a new scientific and technical consulting firm that helps large and small companies grow beyond their current limits.  With expertise in the area of shoe science (see our publications in ScienceMag) and marketing, we are currently looking to consult shoe manufacturing and footwear retail companies. Our goal is to offer advice on any aspect of the corporate operation. Our past client portfolio includes Nike and Adidas. We are now beginning to expand our services to shoe retailers like Finish Line.

Finish Line is an American retail chain with over 650 stores around the US. They sell athletic shoes from top brands like New Balance, Salomon, Nike and more. The company's marketing plan includes sales and coupons. Most products are at a discount with a Finishline discount code. In addition, through their affiliate program, a considerable part of their online sales comes from endorsements by bloggers. Finish Line's mission is to bring the best sneakers to the market. They have hired people who are passionate about athletic shoes, sports, and making customers happy, both in-store and online. 

In the past 2 years, we had the privilege to have Nike as our client. We offered technical and scientific consulting for the development of Nike’s Glow Technology and Flyknit Technology.

Nike’s Glow Science

With its Glow-in-the-Dark collection, Nike caters to the “illumine” trend. The Nike Glow shoes are coated with a fluorescent substance. When these shoes are exposed to light of certain wave lengths (daily light, ultraviolet or normal light) they get energized. This energy is released in the form of luminescence which lasts about 10 minutes. Due to the phosphor radiation, the shoes look differently in the dark than they look in the light.


Flyknit Science

If you take science and design by themselves they have not much power. It’s the combination of these two that leads to beautiful things.


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